why people love cbd - the cannabis product that won't get you high

Because the amount of THC is small, you won't get high from hemp products with CBD oil, including sprays, lozenges, jams and jellies. Although CBD comes from cannabis plants, it does not produce the same euphoric intoxication as cannabis or THC. The DEA even recently told VICE that federal law does not distinguish between CBD derived from cannabis or hemp (a species of cannabis plant with a particularly low THC concentration that is legally cultivated in about 40 states, mostly for industrial purposes). Although CBD comes from cannabis (the same plant species that brings us marijuana), CBD products contain little or no THC, the psychoactive chemical that creates a high and euphoric effect.

As research on CBD derived from cannabis and hemp expands, doctors and health professionals will better understand how CBD works and who can benefit most from it. CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two of the best known compounds isolated from the Cannabis sativa plant. In fact, if CBD is used with THC-rich cannabis products, CBD can reduce the effect of THC. At the federal level, any CBD product derived from cannabis plants is completely illegal unless approved by the FDA (which only includes Epidiolex at the moment), the Drug Enforcement Agency said in September.

So what exactly is CBD â and why can you get it even if you don't live in a state where cannabis is legal? In other words, the official position of the federal government seems to be that CBD products are illegal whether they are derived from cannabis or hemp. Once extracted from hemp or cannabis, CBD can be added to various products such as tinctures, lotions and oils. Also known by its full name, cannabidiol, CBD is just one of hundreds of compounds hidden in the cannabis plant. CBD can be extracted from the cannabis plant, but it does not have the same ability to create a 'high' or euphoric state as marijuana or THC.

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